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Ceramic Coatings / Paint Protection

Welcome To The Extreme DCS Family!


What makes us unique?

​Extreme DCS is your one stop shop for exceptional paint protection services. Our highly trained staff are equipt with the right tools and knowledge to deliver world class results for each and every client who comes through our door.  

We rigorously searched for paint protection products that we could rely on for durability and strength, a product that could withstand our harsh Australian Sun, Salt and environment – a product in which we could entrust our business name and reputation. We are proud to say that we currently hold the thickest, most durable paint protection product currently available to the market! With a multitude of paint protection products on the market you may be wondering what makes our product different? 

  • Our 9H LDC is a dual composite structure that consists of two layers, one is an ultra hard 9H bottom layer and the other is a super slick top layer. Unlike other protection products who need to apply these two separately, the top layer wears off after a few years leaving you with minimal protection. Our unique structure delivers these two desirable effects, extreme hardness (protection) and extreme water beading (shine) in a single layer coating that is up to 10x stronger than factory clear coat.
  •  We also carry the thickest single layer ceramic coating on the market today adding 7 + microns of thickness to your paintwork – So not only are you are protected with a premium grade Quartz Nano Ceramic Coating but the thickest, most advanced diamond coating available to the public.
  • We also back that with an Australian Recognised Lifetime Warranty! After application we show you how to properly wash and take care of your newly protected vehicle and provide ongoing support if you have any questions!