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Cosmetic Rim Repairs

Mobile Cosmetic Rim Repairs
Cosmetic Rim Repairs

Do you have wheels with cosmetic damage? Or maybe you planning to change the colour of your rims?

Did that gutter move and graze your wheels? “Gutter Rash” is a common problem, which refers to alloy wheel damage around the edge or on the face of your wheels. And let’s face it, new wheels are an expensive investment. We understand that they are a vital part of the vehicles appearance. That’s why here at Extreme, we offer mobile cosmetic alloy wheel repair and painting at affordable prices.

Extreme DPP - Mobile Cosmetic Rim Repairs
Cars, Bike, Planes, Trucks and Marine Vessels!
Extreme DPP - Mobile Cosmetic Gold Rim Repair
Repair Methods

We start our cosmetic rim repairs by cleaning the wheel inside and out followed by masking the entire rubber (tyre) area to avoid further damage.

Next, we proceed with repairing the damage. In some severe case, we use a compound filler to fill any deep grazes or gashes. After that, we use a colour matching process to provide you with a desired colour.

In the event of repairing a wheel with a machine finish, we sand and polish out the damage and apply a light coat of silver (if required) over the repaired area to blend in with the repair properly.

However, there are some wheels that can’t be repaired which mainly include highly polished flat faced rims, chrome plated wheels and wheels with a liquid chrome color.