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Mobile Paint Touch-Ups

Mobile Paint Touch-Ups in Gold Coast, Tweed and Brisbane

Extreme Detailing Panel and Paint is independently owned and operated company specializing in high quality car scratch repairs in Gold Coast, Brisbane,Tweed and surrounding areas at a competitive price.

Our skilled technicians possess apt skills and knowledge and can repair damages such as dents, scratches and scuffs on your painted body panels and alloy wheels. With our advanced mobile van setup and DeBeer mini paint system, We have the ability to handle minor mobile paint repairs from the comfort of your own home or place of work.

Bike, Planes, Trains, Boats and anything else you can think of
Bumper Repairs (before and afters)
Bumper bar repairs are amongst the common services we offer. Whether you nicked your bumper reversing out of the garage or someone hit your car while being parked, we have got you covered. With cutting-edge car scratch repairs we can make your vehicle look as good as new.
Panel Scratches/Damage

Panel damage can be a real eye saw on your vehicle. Fortunately, we have latest tools and technology to fix your vehicle that can provide you with utmost comfort and convenience. If you want to save money, opting for affordable mobile paint repairs in Gold Coast and Brisbane would be your wise decision.

With us, you can get guaranteed results within a promised time frame. Call us to get a FREE quote today!